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Post  Slunter on Wed May 15, 2013 12:21 pm

Hello everyone, I'd like to bring out a small update, just so everyone knows what is going on. First off lets start with the site, at the moment, we're working on one thing at a time. We find it's much more easier to keep track if we do it this way. Running a site takes a lot of time, and patience. Which is why when we open the next time, we would like to be completely ready. A lot is changing, some changes the public aren't able to see yet.

The reason we haven't been posting in the forums is because we're currently building and working on a new forum, one without adverts, and many features that we aren't able to have on these free forums. We're going to have two forums, one for roleplay, and one for site updates, among other things, both are not being released to the public yet.

We're also working on a new map at the moment, a couple of new ones. The map will be full screen, with a new design layout, and brand new rooms are being added.

Another new thing will be the homepage, for the most part we kind of have a design, it's still in the works, and will not be up any time soon, or at least close to opening. We're trying to tackle the big things first.

The administration is working hard to bring many new fun and exciting things to do while you're on Inception. This time around we're going to do it right. We hope to see everyone back when we reopen. We enjoy having you around. Thank you all for your time.

We are still accepting invites to become a beta tester. We've got a lot of applications to review.
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